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Seventeen Spiced Nut Recipes

Seventeen Spiced Nut Recipes

Happy National Nut Day! I swear it's a real holiday. The Internet told me so - obviously it must be true then, right? True or not, I'm going to treat today like National Nut Day so I created a spiced … [Read More...]

So excited to get this book in the mail today!

The Kitchn: Book Review

This post contains affiliate links. On Instagram, I was super eager to share that I was provided a copy of The Kitchn Cookbook to review on Friday. It's now Sunday and I've already gone through … [Read More...]


TIGF: Things I’m Grateful For

This week I'm grateful for ... Halloween! Our house is decked out and I am so ready to start celebrating early, probably with some movies this weekend! I am in the mood for some Hocus Pocus, … [Read More...]

Easy Caramel Cinnamon Apple Cider

Caramel Cinnamon Apple Cider Recipe

As much as I love pumpkin everything this time of year, apples still have a pretty solid spot in my heart. Especially on cold Fall and Winter days where I just want to curl up with a good book and a … [Read More...]