33 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is exactly two weeks from today and there are a ton of ways you can celebrate. I try to do a lot of these things all year round, but Earth Day is a great time to start going a little greener! Need some ideas? Check out the following 33 ways to celebrate Earth Day.

  1. Plant a tree
  2. Learn about (or teach others about) recycling
  3. Switch to a reusable water bottle
  4. Start composting
  5. Hold a garage sale
  6. Learn about (or teach others about) an endangered species
  7. Read up on climate change or water shortages
  8. Host a clothing swap
  9. Buy local product
  10. Challenge yourself with some green goals
  11. Wash your car while it’s raining
  12. Pick up litter at a local park or stream
  13. Build a birdhouse or bird feeder
  14. Make eco-friendly cleaning products like these reusable wipes or this water based cleaner
  15. Ride your bike or walk to your destinations
  16. Take a shorter shower
  17. Update your lightbulbs
  18. Plant wildflowers or succulents
  19. Swap seeds/plants with friends
  20. Enroll in paperless billing
  21. Plant native plants as they’ll use less water
  22. Donate items you no longer use to thrift stores or charities
  23. Learn more about ways you can be more self-sufficient
  24. Go for a hike
  25. Replace air filters
  26. Unplug unnecessary electronics
  27. Drop/raise the thermostat a few degrees
  28. Turn the water off when brushing your teeth or washing your face
  29. Plant a garden
  30. Make your home more energy efficient
  31. Switch to reusable bags at the grocery store or wherever you shop
  32. Adopt a stream, road, park or forest
  33. Offer things (or get things) from Freecycle or the free section on Craigslist

Plus, if you’re looking to take part in an Earth Day Event (or even have one to share with others) – you can check out the Earth Day Network event listing to find one local to you.

How do you plan to spend Earth Day this year?

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