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Mission Statement

Hello Nature exists to help self-employed (or hopefully someday self-employed) families* pursue their dream lives.

* And by families, we mean fur babies and/or tiny humans. We love both around here!

Vision Statement

We chose this path so we could spend evenings by the campfire or take an afternoon off to go hiking. We wanted to make delicious meals in the middle of the day and dress however we felt like it, even if some days that meant pajamas and others it was our Sunday best. We believed family should be our priority and this was how we were going to ensure that it held true for us.

We fully believe that even when you’re tight on time, life can still be enjoyed. Even if some days it’s only in those in-between moments. Hello Nature serves to bridge that gap between “too busy to have fun” and “I’m just going to lay on the beach all day.” Whether you’re busy chasing your children, your endless list of responsibilities or your self-employment dreams (or maybe all three!) – inspiration for easy, fulfilled living is what Hello Nature is all about.

Think quick weeknight meals for busy days followed by in-depth lunchtime dishes for the days you’re more interested in feeding your hunger than sitting at your desk. Or simple DIYs to create an area you love in your home along with household how-tos so you can upgrade your space to something you’re smitten with. Or effortless travel tips and locations where you’ll only worry about how much sun you get all the way to jam-packed, let’s see everything trips where you’ll never be bored. Or productivity and life hacks that will make finding balance in your life so much easier.

And so much more.

Our goal is to spend less time dreaming and more time doing. Doing work that matters, doing things we love, and doing everything on our bucket list. And we want to help you do the same.

Culture Statement

Not sure if Hello Nature is for you? We’re guessing it is because there’s a lot of information on these pages! But just in case we’re wrong, this is what we’re all about. We believe:

  • That wanting more out of life is a good thing – we’re not greedy, just curious
  • Laughter is one of the best medicines, but never at someone else’s expense
  • Creativity comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ideas
  • Singing cat and dog videos are one of the best ways to brighten a day
  • That good food doesn’t have to be extensive or require crazy ingredients to be simply delicious (but it can be!)
  • Some rules are meant to be broken
  • That work hard, play hard is a much better motto than all work and no play
  • Changing is sometimes necessary to get what we want out of life
  • Casual Fridays are a little boring and casual Monday-Sunday has a much better ring
  • That if you’re constantly wishing you could be doing something else or wishing that you were anywhere but where you are, something has got to change as quickly as possible

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