April Goals

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I am so excited that it’s April. It’s one of my favorite months because it brings the true change of season for us here. Everything is blooming. Baby bunnies and deer are out. Our windows are being opened. It’s like a literal and figurative breath of fresh air for my attitude.

The change of season also brought with it some much-needed reflection this year. Especially when it comes to my goal setting. At the end of last year, I created a list of 200 goals – 100 personal and 100 business. It was lofty, but exhilarating. I had so much planned for 2017 and I was filled with so much hope for the upcoming year.

January was great. I accomplished everything I wanted to do. But February brought the challenge of going on vacation and I was also feeling a bit burnt out from going so hard on my January goals. It was too intense. Waaay too much for me while I was (and still am) adjusting to life as a mom. So we went on vacation and I hoped it would be the break I needed to come back and kick some major butt again.

I was wrong.

It was a break. But I didn’t come back wanting to jump back into the list again.

I came back wanting to slow down. I had had enough of the hare lifestyle and was ready for turtle speed. And I didn’t really know how to handle that insanely long list.

So I abandoned it. Literally did not looked at it in a month+. I feel a little (okay, a lot) bummed about it, but I do want to remedy it by starting out with some April goals. So first…

Get Down to 100 Goals or Less

I really want to focus less on the number and more on the quality. I’ve always been a quality > quantity gal, but I was determined to get to my 100 goals for each list. This was way too overwhelming for me so I want to drop at least half of the goals (even if they’re important ones) and get to the really meaty ones that will matter right now as well as some for the future. Anything else will be bonus.

Write Business Plans for Hello Nature and Gnarly Whale

I hate admitting I don’t have a plan for either one. I feel like an awful entrepreneur. But it’s true. I’ve started both probably a dozen times and never stuck with it. It’s intimidating for me to be that in depth about things and really dig into the goals for the businesses, but I know I’ll love what a business plan would bring. Organization, focus, purpose. All of that is what I need right now while I’m still trying to figure out how to be a WAHM.

Declutter Our Kitchen, Mud Room, and Bathroom

I am so tired of all clutter. Seriously. I’ve contemplated getting a dumpster and chucking half of our house in it. I want simplicity. I want clean counters and cabinets. I want spacious walkways. I want to know that everything in our home has a spot. So I’m going to start with these three rooms and clean out the crap. No more holding on to stuff for the potential day that we might use it or because someone gave it to us and I feel guilty getting rid of it.

Read Two Books

I’ve been wanting to read a ton of books for awhile and never take the time to. But this month I’m committing to reading two of them. I’ve already picked them out so it should be fairly easy. I’m hoping to start and finish Daring Greatly by Brene Brown and The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

Start Being More Open

A long time ago, I was an open book. I still am if I’m asked directly, but not so much in general conversation. Somewhere along the way of starting a business, I thought I needed to be an expert. That people couldn’t know I didn’t know what I was doing half of the time. That people couldn’t know that I suck at self-employment some days. That motherhood has really thrown me for a loop when it comes to work and life balance. And I miss just being raw and open about my flaws. I hate the secrecy. So be it on social media, in these posts, or in person – I just want to be more real.

Five seems like a good number. I like odd numbers and it doesn't seem too taxing when I can count all of my goals for the month on one hand. Plus, I feel like these are really important ones for me that will lead to other changes.

What are your goals for April?

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