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Need something sweet to tuck in the lunch box for a loved one? You won’t want to miss these Ocean Themed Free Printable Lunch Box Notes!

I don’t like to yell, but HOW IS IT ALREADY AUGUST?!

Lily just turned one and I feel a whole slew of emotions with that, but also – where did summer go?! Seriously. Wasn’t it just spring where summer seemed SO far away? Now I’m planning the rest of our summer projects so we can get ready for fall.

But let’s be honest here.

I like fall. A lot. A lot more than summer, honestly. So while I’m freaking out a little bit that summer is almost over, I’m also kind of rejoicing inside.

I slow down a lot more in fall. Football games take over our Sundays. Baking and cooking fill my Saturdays. Weeknights are quiet and yield time for relaxing instead of scrambling to do more yard work.

It’s a nice feeling after the hustle of summer.

Plus back to school season is here! Before you point out the fact that I don’t have any school aged children, know this: back to school season is like that kid in a candy store feeling for me.

Notebooks, and shiny pens, and new office supplies GALORE. And on sale. I want to squeal with delight right now, but Lily’s sleeping on me and that is not something I mess with.

Nathan knows that when we go shopping, school supplies are included in our browsing. No questions asked – it’s just part of our marriage now. So in honor of this glorious time of the year, I’ve got something super cute for you!

Ocean Themed Free Printable Lunch Box Notes!

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Oooh! Aaah! Combining two things I love (the ocean and food, woohoo!) in cute little notes = a match made in back to school heaven.

And you bet your butt that these notes aren’t just used for lunch boxes around here. We don’t really make to-go lunch working from home, but these are perfect little notes to show you care – lunch box or no lunch box. Kids? Adults? doesn’t matter.

If someone’s in need of a little pick me up, these Ocean Themed Free Printable Lunch Box Notes are the shorest way to help them be a little less crabby. See what I did there? ;)

Download Free Printable Lunch Box Notes

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