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Hi! I'm Ashley.

I'm the main writer behind Hello Nature.

Let's start off by being really real: I hate writing introductions. And in general, I loathe talking about myself unless it's to help someone else. I'm not a fan of being the center of attention, I'm pretty introverted and I'd rather the spotlight be anywhere but on me. Why on Earth would you start a blog then, you might be thinking. And I'll get to that, I swear.

But since the whole point of an about page is to talk about the person behind the whole shebang, I can suck it up long enough to hopefully give you a good overview of who I am and what I'm all about.AboutMeatXcaret

one-sentence intro

I know your time is limited and if you're looking for that overall snapshot of who I am, here you go:

I’m an Intentional Living Family Lifestyle Blogger. I spend my days babywearing and juggling self-employment. I’m an eco-friendly travel junkie that strongly believes life should never be boring so I try to make sure every day brings a new adventure!

why blogging?

I started blogging a long time ago, in an internet galaxy far, far away. If you remember when AOL and Livejournal were all the rage then you know just how long ago that was. It started in high school when I just wanted to vent angsty teenage things and, while I've walked away from it temporarily a few times, it kept popping back into my life. One day I'm finally like “Hey. This blogging thing is the longest relationship I've had with anyone so I guess it's here to stay.” 

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what I do for a living

ONarwhal-Box---Big-Beluga-Bagther than blogging – I co-own an eco-friendly lifestyle brand called The Gnarly Whale with my husband. We're both self-employed, working out of our home and the small shop we have on our land. It's both dreamy and terrifying at the same time. Self-employment is something I sought out since I was a teenager and while it's exceeded my hopes and dreams, it's also one of (if not) the scariest things I have ever done. But truthfully, I'm grateful for this journey and love sharing our stories on the blog. 


what I do for fun

The answer would definitely be shorter if it was “what I don't do for fun.” I'm a try-almost-everything-once kinda gal and new experiences are pretty much my favorite thing ever. You can't seen a movie for the first time twice, you can't feel the rush of snorkeling by sharks for the first time twice, and you definitely can't experience a new flavor for the first time again. These are moments that are lost forever, but unforgettable. So really, I like trying new things. But I also like doing a lot of other things on a regular basis:

  • Eating, cooking, watching Food Network, or shopping our local farm stands
  • Enjoying the great outdoors whether it be hiking, camping, kayaking, snorkeling and more
  • Road tripping across the US or jetting off to the beach in the Caribbean or Mexico
  • Entertaining a tiny human or a fluffy pup
  • Indulging in a good book before the duties of parenting or owning a pet calls
  • Binge watching Grey's Anatomy, The Good Place, Superstore, The Gifted, iZombie and more

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the best of the blog

Looking for my favorite posts? The most popular posts? Maybe more about what else you'll find on Hello Nature? I've got you covered.

where I've been featured

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who I've worked with

Between our business + this blog, I have had the opportunity to work with SO many wonderful companies that I would have never imagined working with before. Some of my favorites via Hello Nature include:


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