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Mission Statement

Hello Nature exists to help busy families embrace a more simple life while still benefiting from the tools + technology in our modern society.

Vision Statement

When we lived in the city, our lives were missing something. We spent days behind a screen, tuning out everyone and everything around us. We were uninspired, unhappy, and unfulfilled.

When we chose to move to a no-stoplight town, we didn't know where that path would lead. We made the move for our business and because it was time for our first home. We had no idea that it would lead us to a simpler, quieter life that we both needed to truly thrive.

We have zero intention of giving up our computers, televisions, or any other modern tools and technology. But we do have every intention of pursuing a quieter, simpler life that is mostly fueled by self-sufficiency and a connection within nature.

Hello Nature is here to find that happy medium.

We dig campfires where laughter and stories are shared and iPhones are tucked away for the evening. But we're also game for a family movie night spent indoors. We're pursuing a life that's deeply rooted in our connections (with ourselves, loved ones and nature) and hoping to only enhance it with the tools of our modern society.

If you're looking for inspiration for easy, fulfilled living – you've come to the right place.

Think quick weeknight meals and food hacks. Simple DIYs to start (or grow) your homestead or just spruce up your home. Travel tips for road trips, international travel, and traveling with kids and pets. Self-employment ideas and lessons from two people that have made their share of mistakes. Productivity and life hacks to make family life a little easier when you're always on the go or just have too much on your plate. Semi-crunchy eco-friendly living ideas that make going green seem pretty easy.

And so much more.

Culture Statement

Not sure if Hello Nature is for you? We believe that:

  • Wanting more out of life is a good thing – we’re not greedy, just curious
  • Life doesn't have to feel hard to make us happy
  • Family time really is the best time
  • Some rules are meant to be broken
  • Modern technology can enhance our lives if we use it properly
  • You'll find a much better connection in the middle of the woods than in front of a screen
  • Casual Fridays are a little boring and casual Monday-Sunday has a much better ring
  • If you're constantly wishing you could be doing something else or wishing that you were anywhere but where you are, it's time for a change

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