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Yesterday we got to check out another new-to-us place around here that I’ve been wanting to visit since we moved: Bagley Rapids.

We didn’t even see half of what’s there because it’s scattered along a river that follows a campground, but the area we did get to walk down to was absolutely breathtaking. I had no idea we even had anything close to this near us, much less a wide stretch of it that you could walk along. While most of us stayed on the trail or along the bank, Sookie decided to venture in the water a couple of times. Crazy lady even decided to step out on the rocks!

I’m excited to go back to see more of what else they have and maybe even camp there. Apparently there are at least ten campsites that are located along the river/rapids and you can go kayaking from a couple of them.

The only downside? Mosquitos. They swarmed all over us and I have some ginormous welts now. Time to invest in some heavy duty bug spray!

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