DIY Seed Bombs Recipe : An Easy Garden Hack

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Ever wonder how to make seed bombs? I’ve got you covered with this simple Seed Bomb DIY guide. It will help you brighten up your backyard in no time!

This post was originally published in April 2015 and has been updated!

homemade seed bombs

Or get the three supplies you need here!

One of the downfalls of living in a duplex was never being able to do much with our yard. So as soon as we moved into our house, I knew one of my projects would be homemade seed bombs. I’m a little disappointed that these took me so long to make, actually. They are so easy and fun!

You’ll only need a few ingredients and less than an hour of your time to create this seed bomb DIY (The bulk of the time was spent combining all of our seed packets, honestly.)

Be sure to check out the tips for the instructions to make sure your seed bombs have the best chance of yielding beautiful flowers in your yard!

wildflower seeds

Wildflower Seed Bomb Supplies

To make these flower seed bombs, you just need three ingredients. You’ll need four parts clay to one part soil and one part seed. For our mixture, I used:

  • 4oz Air Dry Clay (I used this one)
  • 1oz Potting Soil (Something like this)
  • 1oz Flower Seeds (These are a great option)

Optional: although we didn’t use it, many people use red clay powder as well.

homemade seed bomb diy

How to Make Seed Bombs

  1. Spread out the clay to be large enough to pour the dirt on it. Doesn’t matter what size – just make sure there’s plenty of room for the dirt and everything else to pile on top of it.
  2. Pour the dirt on the clay and then pour the seeds on top of it.
  3. Fold together and then knead until the mixture is thoroughly mixed together.
  4. Roll out into a 3/4 inch log and make a cut every 1/2 inch. Roll each section into a small seed balls.
  5. Let sit in the sun to dry out if necessary and then toss where you’d like the flowers to bloom.

The number of supplies and a number of cuts I mentioned in the steps will yield 23 seed bombs.

You may want more or less seed balls depending on the area(s) you plan to bomb. If that’s the case, just adjust the amount used of the ingredients and keep the same ratio or adjust the size of each of the homemade seed bombs.

Tips for Making Your Seed Bombs

Be selective about your seed bomb flowers

Plants that are native to your area are much more likely to grow and less likely to endanger the bird/insect populations as well as the environment. Also, be sure to choose flowers that match the area you’re bombing. If you’re choosing a spot in full sun, make sure to get flowers that are best in full sun. Not all seeds will sprout so make sure each seed bomb has an assortment of seeds.

Make sure clay covers all of your seed bomb seeds

Birds and other animals are less likely to eat things covered in clay. In order to give your seeds the best chance at germinating, protect them by ensuring the clay covers all of your seed in your homemade seed bombs. Once your seeds are ready to germinate, it will be able to break through the clay and spread its roots into the ground.

How To Plant Seed Bombs

Spring is the best time to toss these DIY seed bombs in your yard. Try to time it before a heavy rainfall in order to help the seeds germinate. Just toss the seed balls in the yard and wait for them to grow!

Seed Bombs as a Gift

This homemade seed bombs would also be a cute wedding favor or gift for someone. If you’re planning to give these to a loved one, just keep them dry and in a dark place beforehand. Definitely DO NOT let them get wet!homemade seed bomb diy

That’s it! Easy peasy, right?

These homemade seed bombs are some a fun DIY for the whole family and they’re the perfect way to spruce up hard to plant areas in your yard. Can’t wait to see your results!

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