Microwave Popcorn Done Right : S’Mores Popcorn

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Smores PopcornI’m a HUGE fan of popcorn. If we go to the movies, I absolutely cannot resist buying some. Even though it’s crazy expensive and awful for healthy eating, I just can’t convince myself not to. And those little popcorn stands that seem to be popping up everywhere? The smell is intoxicating!

So when we finished a two+ week long project for The Gnarly Whale yesterday, we wanted to celebrate some and I thought it was time to finally trying making my own “gourmet” popcorn. We made four different kinds, but I thought I’d share my favorite one with you guys today:

S’mores Popcorn!

It’s pretty much the most amazing popcorn I’ve ever had and so easy. You can use bag popcorn, or cook it on the stovetop, or however you want to cook it – but make it soon! We have s’mores ingredients in our house year-round so this will be pretty much a monthly staple for me now.

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