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Keep your dogs free of fleas with these natural flea repellents for dogs! Apple cider vinegar, garlic and more can do wonders for your furry friends!Hi everyone, this is Marie from the blog Drool of Happiness! Now that it’s officially summer time, our dogs Daisy and Pixie are all about frolicking on the grass outside. While that’s pure fun for the dogs, we need to watch out for them because the fleas are frolicking in the grass as well. Here are some tips for natural flea repellents so both you and are your dog are able to fully enjoy summer time.

FLEA COMB | Soak your flea comb in water and add a drop of lavender oil and comb your dogs hair. I do this outside just in case there is a flea on their coat. This is not only a flea repellent but it makes the dog smell wonderful!

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR | Is there anything that apple cider vinegar can’t do!? Add a teaspoon in either their food or water to naturally repel the fleas. You can also soak a cotton ball with water and then apple cider vinegar and apply it on their hot spot if a flea does end up biting them.

GARLIC | Another flea repellent is garlic. This totally makes sense since they are tiny vampires sucking the blood out of our adorable furry children. Pixie’s canned food already has garlic in it which makes this process very simple us. Either look for a formula that already contains garlic or add some to their food yourself. I have heard that it makes their breath smell just like it makes ours smelly but I’ve yet to notice that from Pixie. Maybe the whole being toothless thing helps too. 

HEALTHY DIET |If you have multiple dogs in your household, you may have noticed that some dogs have fleas and others don’t. Fleas are attracted to unhealthy skin which can be blamed to an unhealthy diet. Keeping your dogs skin and coat healthy is the best way to avoid those pesky fleas to attack your dogs.

KEEP YOUR PLACE & DOG CLEAN |  Since we live in a very dog friendly neighborhood, there are a bunch of dog friends that we meet during our walk. You never know when your dog friend has a flea on them. This is why it’s important to keep your place clean by vacuuming and washing their beds or in my household our couch cover since that’s her bed. This is obviously good for you as well so just another incentive to keep your place clean so you can make your dog and your human mom proud. Make sure you keep your dog clean too by giving them a bath with gentle soap. This helps keep their coat healthy. Just don’t do overdo it since it dries out their skin. 

Keep your dogs free of fleas with these natural flea repellents for dogs! Apple cider vinegar, garlic and more can do wonders for your furry friends!

What do you do to keep your dog safe from fleas?

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